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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you know about:

  • The 1933 Gold Government Recall?

  • The 1933 Bullion Government Ban?

  • The Bullion Prohibition of 1933?

It`s true, the Federal Government made the ownership of Gold Bullion illegal for over 40 years. All Americans were prohibited from owning certain Gold coins and all Gold bars.  The Government ban of Gold Bullion is why most Americans

have never seen physical Bullion.

The following disclosure statements are regulatory requirements;
regulation prohibits us from:
A.) We cannot guarantee if a particular gold/silver product and/or category would be exempt from future gold prohibition(s). B.)  We cannot guarantee if and/or how the government might ban/recall/prohibit private Gold/Silver in the future. C.) From 1975 to present, there has not been a new restriction on Bullion ownership. D.) The Federal Government`s ability to recall/prohibit/ban Bullion in the past, has been limited to: times of war, requires an act of congress, or a presidential executive order.

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